Going minimal can be hard. Its a huge life change even if it is one that is for the better. It can be a pretty scary step to take and not one some people are ready to jump into headfirst. I blogged previously about all the benefits I’ve found when it comes to living a more minimalist lifestyle – more time, more money, less stress – all things that I’m pretty sure everyone wants more of. But knowing exactly where or how to start can be the hardest part. So, to help you along on your minimalist journey (if you choose to accept it) I have written a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Purge your wardrobe.
    This for most people can be the hardest thing. But its a pretty big one. Wardrobes are one of those things that just get bigger and less organised the older you get. You find clothes in there you haven’t worn in years and wonder why you haven’t gotten rid of it ages ago. Well its time to put a stop to that. Take out each piece and very carefully think about the last time you wore it. If it was in the last four months (depending on the season) its a keeper. If you haven’t worn it in awhile, let it go.
  2. Clean out and organise your handbag.
    About two years ago now I purchase a small pouch from Collette to store all the little things I carry in my purse. I’m pretty sure its supposed to be a cosmetics case but oh well. In it I have my lip balm, bandaids, hand cream, Panadol, mints – all those things we all carry in our purse. Having it all neat and in one place in my bag has made me more conscious of what I put in my handbag and now I don’t have to worry about it filling up with junk like it used too. My bag is so much more organised too. No more losing my car keys.
  3. Toss out old socks.
    If they have holes, thinning or missing a partner it needs to go. I’m pretty good at keeping my socks organised but over time even I find myself with that one sock that I have no idea where it partner is or how long its been missing. Keep it organised and paired and get rid of all the bad ones!
  4. Donate old books you’ll never read again. (This one is hard for me but I’ve purged over 80 books!)
    For a book lover like me, I’m forever running out of room for my books. A few years ago I purged for the first time ever! It was hard because I hate parting with books but they were ones I’d read as a teen and I passed them on to people I knew would enjoy them as much as I did. And now I have more room for new ones! Haha!
  5. Don’t spend money for twenty four hours.
    Once upon a time I would find myself wondering what I can do or what I can buy just because I have some spare cash to spend. This is a terrible habit that I’ve kicked myself of and now I love looking at all that money sitting in my bank for a rainy day or a new couch. (Thank you cats for destroying my current one!) 
  6. Stay offline for twenty four hours.
    Minimising your online presence is a great way to free up time for the more important things. So put the device down and step away from the computer. (After you finish reading this post first)
  7. Empty your  junk drawer. (You know you have one.)
    Everyone has that drawer or cupboard in their house where they shove stuff they just don’t know what to do with. Mine, at one point, was an entire chest of drawers. I cleaned it out before I moved house and damn it felt good – and I found some stuff I’d been looking for. Now its your turn.
  8. Write a meal plan.
    Meal planning is the best thing I have ever done. I write a list of all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week, write my shopping list and go! It saves me time because I’m not wandering around the grocery store wondering what to get or standing at the fridge wondering what to cook in the afternoons. I’m also saving money because I’m not buying food that doesn’t get eaten because I forgot it was in the fridge. Saving money is always a good thing, right?
  9. Clean out your makeup collection.
    Like wardrobes, makeup bags are a breeding ground for unused items. And did you know that you’re only supposed to keep certain makeup items for certain amount of time after opening. They have a ‘best before date’ of sorts. If you’ve for a mascara in your makeup bag thats been there more than a year – toss it. If you’ve got an eyeshadow palette with colours you’d never be caught dead in, let it go.
  10. Do an activity that doesn’t require money.
    When was the last time you did this? I cannot count the number of times that I have asked some of my friends if they wanna hang and there response has been ‘I’m broke.’ My favourite days are when my best friend and I sit in front of the TV and binge watch our favourite tv show. Not all fund days require money.
  11. Clean out your linen closet.
    Have you ever looked in your linen closet and thought, where the hell did that sheet set come from? Whose towel is this? I think we’ve all been there. So clear it on out baby!
  12. Go bare faced for the day.
    Minimalism isn’t just for the physical things. Its about spending less time doing things that are not that important – like wearing makeup. As much as I love makeup, I absolutely love nothing more than going barefaced. I probably wear makeup maybe four or five times a month. Most people I know wear it everyday. For those of you who wear makeup on a daily bases out of habit, I dare you to go a day without makeup and make it a routine once a week. You’ll free up time to spend on other things and most importantly your skin will love you for the break.

So for those of you looking to incorporate a little minimalism into your life, try these small, simple steps to begin with and see how you go. Minimalist doesn’t have to be scary. And if the word still makes you anxious just think of it as epic spring cleaning. Or being really, really organised.

Have you tried these steps yet? Do you have any other tips to start off on the minimalist lifestyle? Let me know! xx

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